Eyewitnesses spoke about the time of bomb assault

DIYARBAKIR-Eyewitness of bomb-laden vehicle attack told ILKHA about the assault which people wounded and lost their lives in Diyarbakır near Riot Police Branch Office.
DIYARBAKIR-Eyewitness of bomb-laden vehicle attack told ILKHA about the assault which people wounded and lost their lives in Diyarbakır near Riot Police Branch Office.

Eyewitness stated that the explosion blasted with a great sound and gunshots were followed after the blast.

Mehmet Cevat Çalış one of a bombing attack eyewitness, remarked that the blast happened while he was going to work by bus.

Çalış said that during the blast he was trying to calm people down in the bus and added, “I was going to work by bus. During the bus was waiting at the stoplight, suddenly a huge explosion detonated. Smokes raised just after the blast and gunshots were heard. Our bus also damaged with the blast, faces of some of passengers got crushed also the face of driver was crushed.  The passenger who was behind of me, fell over on me with the effect of the blast. Most probably his back got injured. We passengers couldn’t raise our head because of gunshots. I was trying to calm passengers down while they were trying to get out of the bus. The reason I did this is because the violent of gunfire. Thanks to Allah I didn’t get wounded.”

When I raised my head up, many building were damaged

Çalış said that after gunfire stopped he has run to help injure people and added, “We tried to reach wounded people. Thank to Allah there wasn’t people in the bus stopping place. An arm of a woman was chopped. She was still breathing. We tried to help her but we couldn’t do much. Because there wasn’t any ambulance or fire department reached to the scene. A man next to the woman unfortunately was dead. A few meters away, the wall fell on a woman and she was shattered. We helped officials and collected part of her body to put into the body bag. When I raised my head up, I saw that many buildings were destroyed. Then I run to the buildings. I saw people who caught in their sleeps and were trapped under debris. Later the new realized police officials also are helping people. I walked 500 meters around the scene and witnessed that glass of houses and shops were broken, completely damaged.”

I was happy for not seeing many people in the bus-stop places

Çalış uttered that the fact experiencing the shock of event and said, “I am still shocked and my ears are ringing because of the intensity of the explosion. The place where the explosion happened is the center crossing of Diyarbakir. Where the bomb has blasted is a place where many minibuses and bus passengers are taken away. Thank Allah I haven’t seen many people in bus-stop places. The blast happened in the place where CCTVs are around. In my opinion it was a suicide bomber blast. Because police definitely do not let anyone to park their cars in there.”

Another eyewitness of the bomb attack Müslüm Ayık also said that firstly he thought it is an earthquake and added:

There was nobody around, dead bodies were on the ground, I myself saw 2-3 bodies

“I was sleeping in the morning the blast detonated. All of the city waken awake because of the sound of blast. Firstly I thought it is an earthquake but it wasn’t. Then dressed up and got out. It was very bad at outside. There was nobody around. Bodies were on the ground. I myself saw 2-3 dead bodies. Then we started helping wounded people. Now you see, this place is in ruins. They turned Diyarbakır into Syria.”

Ayetullah Tekin is another eyewitness said that he immediately came to the scene as soon as he has heard the sound of blast and saw many wounded people.

I tried to help a wounded one but he lost his lives on my hands

Tekin added that, “I soon as I heard the blast I got out from the house. I friend of me phoned me and said that my work place is damaged. I tried to go by taxi but roads were closed. I scene was terrible. There were wounded people around. I tried to help a wounded one but he lost his live on my hands. Then I walked towards my work place. My shop was damaged and ruined.”

Do civilians deserve this?

Tekin react to the attack and said, “We curse any kind of terror. May the curse of Allah be on them. Do civilian people deserve this? Where those people do live? Who are those people? Why do they do this?”


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