We will organize activities to understand companions of Prophet Muhammad

DIYARBAKIR-Yahya Oğraş, Term Spokesman of Prophet Lovers Platform, gave information about the declaration of November month as “companion month” by platform.

Oğras touched to the importance of learning the life companions and living like them, also added that companions who transferred the message of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] are like stars on the sky.

Oğraş stated that activities will be hold by coordinators of Prophet Lovers Platform about companions and added, “We need to know the life of companions to live like them. We will find the right path whoever we follow. We believe that companions shouldn’t be forgotten, their life need to be learned and experience in life. This month we take lives of 3 male and 3 female companions in hand. Our work will be on Ebu Ubeyde bin Cerrah, Bera bin Malik, Said bin Amir from males and Esma binti Umeys, Ümmü Suleym and Ümmü Ümare from females. Apart from this, we also learn about Omar. We have a theme with the name ‘Faruq-u Adil [Faruk the fair one]’. We will handle this theme in all cities.”

We have to be like companions

Oğraş advised to all to learn lives of companions and following expressions he added to his speech:

“Allah willing, we will be like them if we learn and if we apply their self-devotion, submission, their advice duty, their jihad level and their other struggles into our life. It is interesting but companions were buried in different parts of the world more than in Mecca and Medina. They didn’t think of their children or properties, to spread Islam on the back of camels and horses in east till to China and in west till to Spain. We have to know them and be like them. We will understand the Prophet if we understand them. We advise them to everybody.”

Oğraş remarked the stepping of companions on the region have great meaning and added, “We should know better those companions especially who came till here. We know that companions were buries in different parts of Turkiye. They care about those places. Even 27 companions were buried in Diyarbakir, they don’t care about here. We see that authorities are not care about the city of companions in this issue.”


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