Martyrs are teachers of martyrdom school

Martyrs are teachers of martyrdom school
DIYARBAKIR-Susa Association organized a memorial program on the anniversary of the martyrdom of 10 people including 2 children who were massacred by PKK in 1992 in the village of Susa (Yolaç) of Silvan (Farqîn) district of Diyarbakır. Despite the hot weather, there was intense participation in the commemoration program organized in the village martyrdom cemetery.

Politicians, writers, representatives of non-governmental organizations and the people shared emotions and thoughts in the memorial program.

The participants, who mentioned the importance of martyrdom, stated that martyrs are the teachers of martyrdom school.

HUDA PAR General Administrative Board Member Vedat Turgut said that mosque martyrs sacrificed their lives to protect the people.

Turgut reminded that 25 years have passed since the massacre, “We were in high school ages when the massacre happened. Of course, we must know this massacre very well. Because this massacre is a massacre made in the mosque. We can see that the wild organization [PKK] has been hunting for Islam and for the massacres of Muslims. On the one hand, in some places they kill dozens of people with mines, one other side they kill the elderly old people because they love the Muslims, or because their children loves Muslim, they subjected to genocide, and the savage organization that does not content with these, has massacred people in the sacred place. If a human, while take refuge to a mosque, the synagogue, and the church should normally be inviolable, whoever they raided on the village during the prayer time, surrounded the mosque and slaughtered those who were in the mosque. Their intent is clear. Their targets are Islamic structures and ideas in the mosque. These things are unique. It is Islamic structure and ideas.”

“The martyrdom is not lost, but is acquisition”

Turgut voiced that the blood of the martyrs prevented millions of Kurdish people from becoming instruments in the games of Marxism and Communism, “Here are a handful of young people gave up on their own souls. As they were in the massacre of October 6-8 they gave their lives to protect the Muslim people. Hundreds of young people sacrificed their souls but prevented millions of Kurdish people from becoming instruments in the games of Marxism and Communism. Those martyrs should know that their path is our path. Martyrdom is not a lost but acquisition. We have lost our 10 brothers in Susa but now there are millions who became member of the cause they left for us.”

Enver Kılıçarslan, General Chairman of the Union of Scholars, stated that the martyrs had not been forgotten despite the last 25 years.

Kılıçarslan said that “These people gave their lives while reading the life of Rasulullah in the way of Allah and they were martyred on the Qur'an by communists and socialists who did not accept the religion, sharia and existence of Allah. Today is the 25th year of the massacre. Those people if they were not martyred, they would lose their life anyway.”

Susa Association President Afif Çetinkaya said that they will lay claim to the heritage of martyrs.

Çetinkaya stated that they have organized remembrance programs every year in order to know the martyrdom of the martyrs, said:

"Allah may accept the martyrdom of the martyrs. We have organized the remembrance program that we have been organizing every year. These remembrance programs will be held every year. Because whole the world should know how and why our brothers martyred. We are struggling to see that all Muslims raise by seeing this massacre. Those brothers had showed us that we should not bend our head in front of anyone but Allah.”


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