Martyrs of Susa commemorates upon their graves

Martyrs of Susa commemorates upon their graves
DIYARBAKIR-On the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary of those 10 people who were murdered by PKK in 1992 in the mosque of the village of Susa (Yolaç) in Diyarbakır’s Silvan district, people showed intense visit to the program organized by Susa Association.

Due to the 25th anniversary of the massacre, a memorial event was held in the village of Susa. Many people from different cities of Turkiye participated in commemoration.

Citizens who came to the village, visited cemetery first and prayed there.

Here, the life of martyrs was narrated and important sections of their lives were presented. People then visited the mosque where the massacre was made took place.

Following the visits, the commemoration program began after the prayer in the mosque.

Theologist Hüseyin Sudan, who addressed the participants in the event, emphasized that the way to take over the heritage of the martyrs is to live like a martyr.

Stating that the martyrs of Susa are the persecuted names of the oppressed Kurds by the enemies of Islam, Sudan said that the Muslims who were persecuted and massacred all over the world of Islam were again at odds with the oppression scene.

“Susa, the name of your martyrdom”

Referring to what Susa's massacre teaches Muslims, Sudan said: “Susa is the name of the martyrdom. It has taught us what it is to give our life in the way of Allah. Susa is the name of the residence of mosques, of worshiping Allah, of learning His book.”

“If we want to deliver our souls as martyrs, we must live like martyrs"

Sudan, about the legacy left by Susa martyrs and other Islamic martyrs to Muslims, said, “The most important heritage that martyrs left to us is to die like a martyr in the way of Allah. We want to go on the way of Islamic martyrs and if we want to take over their legacy we must live like martyrs. Yes, it is our desire to die as a Muslim because if we live like a Muslim we can surrender our soul to our Lord as a Muslim. If we want to deliver our soul as a martyr we must live like a martyr.”

“The prophets and their followers paid the price”

Mullah Münir Şanlı, who spoke later, talked about the prophets and their believers how paid the price for this path, said, “Whenever the prophets came, they had suffered injustice by their people. Did not Abraham bear his knife on the throat of his son Ismail, did not Zakariya and Yahya give their lives in the way of Allah? Did not Muhammad leave Mecca?”

“Susa martyrs were martyred by enemies of the Qur'an”

Stating that there is no doubt at the martyrdom of Susa Mosque martyrs Şanlı said, “Because they gave their soul in the mosque for the path of Allah. They gave life on the way to mosque like Imam Omar, Imam Ali, Sheikh Ahmet Yasin. Susa Mosque martyrs were martyred by the Qur'an and prophet's enemies.”

“Those who did the massacre of Başbağlar and Susa have the same mindset”

Şanlı added that those who did the massacres of Başbağlar and Susa had the same logic and mentality, and said, "These tyrants are the murderers in the Basbağlar, didn’t they martyred 33 people in the mosque? Is it not the same logic? Those who carried out the Susa’s massacre, martyred 10 people. They wanted to burn their bodies. Let’s recognize them. Martyrs of Susa gave their souls for the mosque. There are great lessons we must learn from here. We shouldn’t leave mosque alone.”


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