Our Union is our communication with each other

Our Union is our communication with each other
DIYARBAKIR-In the upcoming Ramazan Bayramı recommendation to resolve the frustrations among the people, Dicle University, Faculty of Theology, Deputy Head of Religious Education Dep. Assoc. Dr.Davut Işıkdoğan stated that his sister-in-law's brother-in-law was harmful in many ways.

Işıkdoğan said that they should support each other by giving up their little resentments on the eid and said that believers' unity is their conversation for each other.

Işıkdoğan, who emphasized that Ramadan is one of the most beautiful means of educating the nafs, said, “It is very important to educate the nafs with hunger. People can have enmity, hatred or resentment against each other. But when we look at the orders in the Quran and in the Hadiths, we see messages that says the time should be extended.”

“It is harmful that brothers offend from each other”

Işıkdoğan, who expressed that offended of brothers from each other harms in many ways, said: “When we look at the general view of the Islamic world, when we start from our nafs, when we start from the bilateral dialogue and open up to the whole Islamic world, the unnecessary of this resentment is already clear. We already have faith in the same God, we believe in the same Prophet, we turn the same qibla, we pray in the same mosque. There are so many elements that combine us.”


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