Prophet Lovers celebrate eid in Turkiye’s Diyarbakır

Prophet Lovers celebrate eid in Turkiye’s Diyarbakır
DIYARBAKIR-Prophet Lovers Platform Diyarbakır Provincial Coordination Office organized the Eid al-Fitr program with the intense participation of the people.

The program organized in the Yenişehir district Sumer Park started with the recitation of the Qur'an.

Mullah Kerbela Şanlı, one of the well-known scholars of the region who spoke on the eid program, said that fraternity, love and peace came to mind when it was an eid.

Şanlı said, “Brotherhood and love are the essence of Islam. Muslimism cannot be with grudge, hatred or resentment. Allah has made us brothers, and we have to fulfill this order. In the history, Muslims did not win their enemies because they had weapons or they were more crowded, but they won their enemies because they were interlocked to each other with love. Today, we also need that action. Grudge, hatred, and resentment leave no good actions and bring nothing that is beneficial. If Muslims do not love each other but bear a grudge, their good deeds will gone. We only can reach other Allah by love.”

Adnan Akgönül, the President of the Platform of the Prophet Lovers, said that the eid [feasts] is a favor to Allah's believers.

Akgönül emphasized that this unity and solidarity of life should continue for a lifetime and that Muslims should be better connected with each other, said: “This eid is a gift given to believers by Allah. Tribal, regions, nations and similar situations are not taken into consideration for this. We celebrate this eid because of the faith.”

Abdulkuddus Yalçın, the member of the Union of Scholars, wishes from Allah to gather all the Islamic society around a word, said, “Even if Muslims spend these holidays as broken hearts, they are going to have make Muslims happy for the sake of these eids. The Islamic world is crying blood and there are many people who are persecuted, the miserable ones, the poor and their whole existence are lost.”


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