The tombs of Sheikh Said and other Kurdish leaders must be revealed

The tombs of Sheikh Said and other Kurdish leaders must be revealed
DIYARBAKIR-HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Provincial Chairman Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu explanation to ILKHA on the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of the martyrdom of Sheikh Said and his friends.

‘Sheikh Said and his colleagues expressed their efforts to prevent the destruction of 14 century-old Islamic civilization’ said HUDA PAR Diyarbakir Provincial Head Tanrıkulu added that the burial places of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and Seyid Rıza should be uncovered, especially Sheikh Said’s tomb.

Tanrıkulu reminded that imperialist countries had mobilized every opportunity to demolish the Ottoman Empire from the 20th century and to remove them away from Islam. He said that they remember Sheikh Said and his friends with mercy once again, and cursed those who persecuted them and those who shed the blood of hundreds of thousands of oppressed people.

Tanrıkulu pointed out that since the 20th century the imperialist countries have mobilized all sorts of possibilities to demolish and dismember the Ottoman Empire and to remove it away from Islam, said, “The Ottoman Empire's entry into the First World War and the subsequent occupation of the Anatolian lands of today by the imperialist countries, the establishment of Republic of Turkiye with the making new laws which is not on the basis of our people, beliefs, customs, and openly fight the truth of our people, after the result of their fight to Islamic signs, Sheikh Said had to say stop to them. He stood against them for the spread of Islamic thought.”

“We see clearly today who prefers the benefits of the people”

Saying that Sheikh Said and his friends were trying to defend the sacred cases, Tanrıkulu said, “Those who completely surrendered to the west, those who invade these lands, those who plunder the underground and above-ground riches of these lands, and those strangers who intend the honor of people. Mustafa Kemal and his friends have tried to defame the Sheikh Said's and his friends' sacred cases by manipulating the people with their false conspiracy and libelous propaganda. Which is what Allah has made today that these structures are more clearly known by our people.”

“Imperialist countries were expelled from these lands by “Allah Akbar sounds”

"Sheikh Said's and his friends' cause is not a simple cause. It is a cause made in the name of Islam and in the name of Muslims,” said Tanrıkulu continued his words as follows:

“Because after 1925, the war on Islamic signs actually made it clear that the danger of Sheikh Said's seen was clearer, but there was no longer anything the people could do, because they were betrayed by those whom they had supported, and fought with. In this country the adhan were turned to Turkic, the Qur’an alphabet was changed, the costume-clothes laws were made, the Islamic monastery and zawiyah were closed, the letter revolution was made and the secularism entered the Constitution. All wishes of the West were fulfilled by Mustafa Kemal and his colleagues, the administrators of the new republic. This is the greatest betrayal. This is because these people have fired the imperialist countries from these lands with Allah Akbar sounds rulings in the First World War.

“The mentality of the collaborators of July 15 and 1925 collaborators is the same”

Tanrıkulu said, "We need the reveal of burial places of the leaders, sheikhs and scholars of Kurds such as Sheikh Said, especially Bediuzzaman and Sayid Rıza. How the AK Party government has found the tomb of Atıf Hodja from Iskilip, it is necessary that the grave of the Sheikh Said be identified and restoration of honor should be made.”


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