Divorce is a whirlwind of materialist thinking

Divorce is a whirlwind of materialist thinking
DIYARBAKIR-According to Directorate General of Criminal Records and Statistics, divorce cases in the last 10 years increased by 82 percent.

Mehmet Şenlik, board member of Union of Scholars who is evaluating this increase, said that divorce is a whirlwind of materialist thinking.

Stating that if the Islamic principles are settled in foundation of marriage that divorce rates will decrease Şenlik said that the divorce rates are low in areas where Islamic sensitivity is high.

Şenlik said, “Divorce is a permissible judge by Allah, but it is a judge that Allah dislikes. The divorce which Allah does not love the most is divorce from the marriage. So that it could be forbidden, but Allah did not ban divorce, He keeps it tight, so you should not divorce your partner as much as possible.”

“They made the divorce a toy”

In the event of a dispute before the divorce in Islam, Şenlik stating that there is a referee said: "In such a case, a person comes from both sides and arbitrates between them. They take their opinions, evaluate them and decide if they can continue their marriage. If there is no side to be convinced of this, then they decide to divorce, partners are getting divorce. Unfortunately, there is no referee today so those who decide to divorce just say “divorce” without asking advice of their elders, without thinking of their future. They made the divorce a toy. Excuse me but only animals come together when they need to full fill their lust.”

“Divorce is a whirlwind of materialist thinking”

“This is a wind of materialism, a hurricane. Unfortunately the Islamic societies are also affected by it. This is an illness brought by modernism. Modernism has infected us this western storm. Our society has also been affected by it. Some people have children when they divorce. Those children become victims. Women become more preoccupied with children. Then they do not even have a chance to remarry.”

“The main thing in marriage is to make children, to continuation of generation”

Emphasizing that the main thing in marriage is not to satisfy the soul but to continue the generation. “More than one marriage is forbidden. But if there is a need, there can be more than one marriage,” said Şenlik and added that, “Satisfaction with the nafs is in fact a reward. If it were not for such a pleasure, people would not just come together for the descendant of generation. Unfortunately, today's people are getting married, but do not make children. It is the Western mindset, it is the mindset of modernism, it is necessary to get rid of it. Divorces are hidden behind it. If there is a child after marriage then the two of them are seeing themselves in that child. They both love that child. And couple are joining together to enjoy with the child. The child bring them together.”

“Divorce is low in areas where Islamic sensitivity is high”

Şenlik stated that divorces will be reduced if Islamic principles are adopted, says, “Divorces are the cause of not living according to Islam. When the Islamic principles are adopted and experienced, these troubles will be resolved. According to investigated by research companies, divorce is low in areas with high Islamic sensitivity.”

“Marriage programs are the dynamite that is put on the bottom of the family profile”

Şenlik, which stated that marriage programs are also the factors that lead to divorce, said, “A couple of months ago many NGOs and opinion leaders were complaining about marriage programs. There is no marriage, no engagement, nothing, but they come together, make friends. It is the so-called marriage programs, these are the dynamite that is set in the bottom of the family concept.”


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