FETO pointed its barrel on Muslims on 15th of July

FETO pointed its barrel on Muslims on 15th of July
DIYARBAKIR-Adnan Akgönül, a spokesman for the Platform of Prophet Lovers, who was in evaluations on the US-backed July 15 coup attempt anniversary, said that after reaching a certain level of power through the use of the nation by the name of the religion, FETO has pointed its barrel on Muslim people with the instructions they got from others.

Akgönül stated that the European countries were behind the coup attempt, and that the biggest factor in the repulsion of the coup was the resistance of the Muslim people, who had come to power with faith.

Akgönül said that the coup attempt was the greatest betrayal of society and added, “Because while there were many problems in the country, when people were so struggling with the problems, this band pointed the barrels of weapons ruthlessly and recklessly on Muslim people without hesitation for their own emotions and desires, which those weapons were bought with the tax of Muslim people.”

Indicating that the Muslim people did not bow to the coup and showed resistance to the squares, Akgönül said:

"Those who attempted the coup, did this after they have been able to benefit from the people of this country for many years, in the name of religion. Islam is the religion of peace, a religion of justice, a religion that seeks to take a stand on the side of oppressed people. It is a religion that fight unjust and unfair.”

Akgönül said, “In the past, when military forces and security elements went out into the streets, nobody could resist. Everybody gave up and stayed in their homes, but unlike other coups, especially believers, they showed that they would not accept it. The greatest factor in the failure of the coup is our Muslim people, who have been poured to the streets in a sacrificial manner with the force of faith.”


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