Knife attack on imam who was performing salawat on July 15th night

Knife attack on imam who was performing salawat on July 15th night
DIYARBAKIR-Imam of the mosque, who performed salawat on July 15th night in Diyarbakır's center Yenişehir, was attacked with a knife during dhikr. Imam, who was stabbed from various parts of his body, gives life struggle in intensive care.

The event took place yesterday at 20:00 in the Dokuz Çeltik Neighborhood in Kanal Mosque. According to the information. Imam named Osman Deniz, who performed salawat in the mosque with the instruction of the Presidency of Religious Affairs due to the anniversary of the 15th coup attempt, was attacked with a knife during the dhikr he performed after the evening prayer.

Deniz, who stabbed from various parts of his body, was taken to the Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital by ambulance. The life-threatening imam, which gives life struggle in intensive care, continues.

The attacker was taken into custody by the police.

The community of the mosque, whose worship was closed due to lack of imam, told the time of the event.

Mehmet Hüseyin Yücedağ from the mosque community said that the imam who served in the same mosque for 25 years had no harm to anyone.

Yücedağ said that the attacker came to the mosque as if for praying and stabbed the imam many times.

Yücedağ voiced that they had performed the evening prayer with the mosque imam before the event, “Our mosque imam has been working in this mosque for 25 years. We prayed together in the mosque yesterday and we were performing tesbihat. A young man came in. I thought he would pray. The young man sat in our row. Then he suddenly bowed, so I thought he was going to ask the imam something. At that time he took his knife out of his pocket and stuck it on imam’s chest. After that, he continued to stab the imam several times. We panicked at that time and did not understand what it was. The attacker began to escape so we chased him. He ran to the other side of the street. At that time, we told the people sitting at the coffee shop to catch him. Then we identified who he is.”

“Our imam has not argued anybody as far as we know”

Yücedağ added, “I took the car from my house and went to find out about the situation of the imam. At that time, the aggressive young man came over and I handed it over to the police who were in the examination in the mosque, and the police took him in. I went to the hospital to ask about the situation of the imam. From there I went to the police station and gave my testimony. Our Imam has been working here for 25 years. The imam has not argued to anybody so far. He has no closeness to any political party. We only think that he is stabbed because of the salawat he performed on the night of July 15. At the moment our imam is in intensive care.”


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