People in other Islamic countries should draw a lesson from July 15

People in other Islamic countries should draw a lesson from July 15
DIYARBAKIR-The academician who evaluated the coup attempt took place in the last year of July 15 with the support of the USA, explained the psychological and social effects that this attempt left on the people.

Diyarbakır Dicle University Head of Religious Education Department of Divinity Assist. Assoc. Dr. Davut Işıkdoğan said that it was Allah's grace that the harm of the coup attempt reduced to minimum.

Işıkdoğan said, “In recent years, returning to our own cultural transformation was on the subject. This turn has bothered some circles, both internal and external. ‘How can we make Turkiye a country that will obey to us?’ The shortest way was always the project that they were implementing in the developing countries. A coup was planned. It would be wrong to evaluate the financial damage that the state has actually suffered in this coup. This coup affected the people in the material-spiritual point. Serious problems occurred in social manner.”

Dicle University, Literature Faculty, Head of Psychology Asst. Assoc. Dr. Tahsin Kula said that some sects use power and stage coup in order to suppress on people since 1960, “One of the most important of these is military coups. In fact the military coup is to design people with frighten, to intimidate them and to prevent them from returning to their own origin. One of the most important of them was on July 15. It was different from the others on July 15. The previous ones were ruled by a secular segment.”


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