People of Diyarbakır demand the tomb site of Sheikh Said to be revealed

People of Diyarbakır demand the tomb site of Sheikh Said to be revealed
DIYARBAKIR-Mustazafs Association organized “Understanding and Recognition of the World's Oppressed” in Diyarbakır. Sheikh Said and his 46 friends were commemorated in their 92nd of martyrdom. Citizens who spoke after the event that people showed intense participation, demanded the tomb site of Sheikh Said to be revealed.

People in Diyarbakır, who wanted the lived persecution to be removed and demanded the tomb site of Sheikh Said and Seyid Rıza to be revealed like Iskilipian Atıf Hojda who was hanged because of not wearing a hat and His burial place was remain hide for many years.

Hüseyin Filiz, who participated in the program, said that Sheikh Said had been fighting for Islam and hanged because of this reason, said, “The cause of Sheikh Said was the cause of Allah, the cause of Prophet Muhammad's sharia. He struggled as much as he could do. He lived according to the Qur’an and sunnah. So that is why unbelievers and the unjust hanged him.”

“He and his friends gave their life for our religion. All the Muslims of the world should not forget those leaders. We must follow their paths. We must take their life as examples. And we want the tomb site of Sheikh Said to be revealed,” said another participant named Emine Doğan.

Another person from Diyarbakır names Birgül Eroğlu, who wants the reveal of the tomb site of Sheikh Said to be said. Expressed the expectation from the government in this regard, saying:

“We have been struggling to claim the rights of Muslim scholars because of the persecutions of Kemalist regime since 92 years. We have waited for some steps to be taken in this regard after the first Islamic sections came to the fore. At the very least, we said that these people think like us as a result. Sheikh Said was a scholar, and raised for Islam. Sheikh Said is like Iskilipian Atıf hodja for us.”

Ramazan Bozdaş said that he had cursed those who oppressed Sheikh Said and said, “Sheikh Said was a scholar and leader of the East and the Southeast. He sacrificed his life for religion.”

Çiçek Ayzit named woman, emphasized that especially young people should be well-informed about Sheikh Said, “We want our young people to go on their path. They should understand and take him as an example.” Then Nesibe Ayzit said:

She said, "Our young people should never forget Sheikh Said. Sheikh Said's path was clear. He had set the path for religion and Allah. I want all our young people to follow this path.”


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