Reaction from people of Diyarbakır to obscene content banners

Reaction from people of Diyarbakır to obscene content banners
DIYARBAKIR-People of Diyarbakır, who were disturbed by hanging obscene banners on advertising panels, expressed their reaction by saying that such a situation would not be accepted in a city that is described as prophets and companion of Prophet.

Obscene content advertising banners which hanged by Outdoor advertising company [KARMA] in various places of the city took reactions.

The people of Diyarbakır who reacted to the advertisement banners said the society have been corrupted by the ads with obscene content.

Vedat Uğur said that it is wrong to have sexually explicit advertisements in ads banners in an ancient city like Diyarbakır. He said that with these advertisements, pull young people to bad ways.

“These ads can have very bad negatives”

“These are bad examples to our young people," said Uğur and added, “We all have a family, and this causes a lot of negative effects on us. It's very wrong to have these things in an ancient city. I'm calling the authorities to prevent those kind of ads. Because of these ads, there can be very bad negatives in the future. Such things have a bad influence on society. They are promoting the public with bad advertising.”

Hisami Altıntaş, who stated that the ads are obscene and the young people are degenerated, stated that such immorality should be countered.

“This is a struggle for the degeneration of the youth of the Islamic ummah, the destruction of the Islamic rules”

Pointing out that obscene content ads are big problems, Altıntaş said, “When we look at the advertising on clothing hanging on the post today, it is not only in our own city but in the whole country that there are such immoral things. This kind of thing is just like the ads of miniskirts hanging on the poster, jeans and shorts ads are corrupting young people, is a struggle for the degeneration of the youth of the Islamic Ummah and destruction of the Islamic rules. At least we should counter to those things in our inside and in our family even if we cannot do anything. We absolutely must not support any field.”

“We need to stand against of the unscrupulous”

Altıntaş, who invited the officials to see it, said, “I think this is a game. There are not only things that are unlucky in posters, there are many things we can talk about in this country, in films, in movie theaters, in ads banners hanging in these posters. We are Muslims and believe in Allah. We are opposed to them as the youth of the Prophet's Ummah. Today and tomorrow until the last drop of our blood, until our last breath, we will oppose such immoral and continue to oppose. Here we have to say a few words to the state authorities. Because these banners hanging today, the more effective in the series, movies, the immoral must be prevented. We are Muslims and believe in Allah. We must fight for the validity of all the rules of Allah in our own country and everywhere in the world. This should be the main goal of a Muslim.”

On the other hand, in the past, the company had put obscene content ads in Diyarbakır on board and this attitude of the company had caused the reaction of the people of Diyarbakır.


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