Sheikh Said his 46 friends commemorate in Diyarbakır

Sheikh Said his 46 friends commemorate in Diyarbakır
DIYARBAKIR-Within the context of the “Understanding and Recognition of the World's Oppressedé by the Mustazafs Association, Sheikh Said and his 46 case friends were remembered in the 92nd year of their martyrdom. The past grief and suffer were reminded in the program where people showed great participation. In the program, HUDA PAR General Administrative Board member Mahmut Kılınç and Researcher Writer Mehmet Baran made speeches while at the end of the program they were expressed in the form of demands regarding the rights prevented from today.

In commemoration program which was held at the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Congress Center, started with the recitation of the Qur'an. Later, Mahmut Kılınç, addressed the importance of Sheikh Said's Islamic personality and his cause, said:

“Resistance of the brave is always hope for the unhappy people”

“Some of them have enlightened the period they lived, some enlightened a part of history, and some enlightened to the whole of history. Those who enlightened the history, enlightened those who followed them with their disgust, fighting, with the company. Their struggle shed light on the oppressed and captive peoples. Emerge of those people are like the sunrise. Those people are like candles, illuminating around. The name of those very distinguished personalities are sometimes Said, Hüseyin, Seyid Qutb, Mevdudi, Muhammad Iqbal. These precious people have left their great inheritance behind them. Their struggle against the oppressors has become the voices of the oppressed nations. These precious people are the heirs of the prophets.”

The regime's first staff left their religion and fought against Islam and Muslims

Kılınç said that the first parliament was opened on Friday with prayers when the Republic was founded, but afterwards these first staffs of the regime were betraying the Muslim nation that fought against the infidels for the victory of the Islamic lands and did pay huge amounts for this purpose.

“Europe, get in agreement with those days executives and say, ‘give me your ID and get your liberation.’ Indeed, the follower of that blued eyes one had abandoned their religion and fought against Islam and Muslims. Certainly those who lived under the roof of the Ottoman State, especially in the seven regions of our region, could not remain silent against these events. Some scholars like Atıf Hodja wanted to start a movement but the republicans heard and suppressed early. In the East it was Sheikh Said and his friends who could start a movement. Because there was a neat congregation in the East.”

“How the Italians martyred Omar Mukhtar in Libya, their servants martyred Sheikh Said here”

Kılınç noted that there is a negative perception to be formed about Sheikh Said that he also was an English agent, said, “Those who spread this slander, themselves were English agents. Because Sheikh Said raised against the West rules to not be dominated in Islamic lands. He and his 46 friends handed in Dağkapı in Diyarbakır. It is very strange that in the wars the prisoners are not executed and they are treated as prisoners but when they come to Muslims they do not recognize the bases. Italians brought it in Libya. How they martyred Omar Mukhtar in Libya, their servants martyred Sheikh Said here. Sheikh Said was raised to remove the dirty laws of the British, Italy and France. 85 helicopters gave to Turkiye from France in that time. Some historians say the pilots were French, English and Italian. Today they say that Sheikh Said was an English agent. Shame on them.”

At the end of the program, a statement containing claims about injustice, the obstacles that are experienced till today was read. In the declaration read by M. Emin Gülsever it is emphasized that:

1- The only reason for the problems and troubles that lived in the country until today is the “nation state” mentality.

2. The fundamental rights that come with the birth of man are universal and bargaining cannot be done.

3. The state must apologize to the families of the victims and our people and they have to face with the past.

4. Material facts concerning the massacres committed during the foundation years of the Republic should be revealed in all aspects.

5-The promotion of Sheikh Said and his friends, who are respected in the presence of the Muslim Kurdish people, as traitors and rebels should be abandoned and their dignity should be given back.

6-Tombs of Sheikh Said and his friends, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and Sayid Rıza, should be revealed.


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