Friendship of old man with his motorcycle amazes

Friendship of old man with his motorcycle amazes
DIYARBAKIR-The motorcycle passion of 67-years-old man named Fahrettin Arslanoğlu who has 6 children, 20 grandchildren and live in Diyarbakır’s Bağlar district amazes those who see.

Arslanoglu, who has seen on his motorcycle with the white turban, white dress and beard told ILKHA about his 30 years friendship with his motorcycle which bought for one million 90 liras in 1987.

Arslanoglu expresses that he is a motorcycle ambition and said that he meet his daily needs with it.

Aslanoğlu expressed his satisfaction with the motorcycle, “Motorcycle is from 1987. I took this motorcycle to a million and 90 liras at that time. I've been a rider for 30 years. Praise be to Allah, it is beautiful until this day. I hope that goes after it. There are some parts on the inside of this engine which we couldn’t find here. We demanded from Istanbul and the pieces arrived, we placed them all. Now the engine is like zero kilometers. We were cyclists from childhood.”

"I will continue to ride motorcycles as much as I can do”

Arslanoglu said that the motorcycle was once stolen in the past and that he found with his own research.

“Once my motorcycle was stolen. We've been looking for 9 days, we didn’t find it. One day I saw my motorcycle at the mechanic shop. I recognized that it is my motorcycle as I saw. I went to the mechanic, told him that it is my motorcycle which I reported to the police but if the thief brings the motorcycle back then I won’t be a complainer about him. Then the thief brought the motorcycle back and we took it. After we had little repairs, we continued to use it again. I will continue to ride the motorcycle as long as I can. But this motorcycle is now an old one. I would like to sell it and buy a new one. Because I am a motorcycle passion. I can’t live without the motorcycle.”

Arslanoğlu said that the documents required to use motorcycles in the traffic are complete, “When I meet with the police officers, 'Are all documents ok? I reply as ‘all are ok’, then they let me go. And even once the police stopped motorcycles close to 15 in Bağlar Dörtyol. "Do you have everything?" I told him that I had all my documents and he told me that I could go on and while I went a bit he called back. When I came back, he said to me, "Show your documents to these friends which might be an example to them’ and I showed them. Then he showed off to other motorcycles and gave me congratulations.”

“I get pleasure on the motor every time I ride, it's enough for me”

Emphasizing the pleasure of using motorcycles, Arslanoglu said, “It seems a bit interesting to use motorcycles in the traffic; White dress, white turban, beard. Of course, it's a little noticeable. But everyone knows me because I grew up as a child of this people. I get pleasure every time I get on the motorcycle, it's enough for me.”

“Big vehicles in traffic do not give us the way”

Arslanoğlu stated that it is difficult to use motorcycles in Diyarbakır traffic and drivers do not give the way to motorcycles. He used the following expressions: “My recommendation to the friends who use motorcycles: 'ride slowly, so they neither harm themselves or anyone else. Big vehicles in traffic do not give us the way to go. They do not respect us at all. Motorcycles are also vehicles. I give the tax and I have all the documents.


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