If someone claws to your family and possession, you have the right to protect them

If someone claws to your family and possession, you have the right to protect them
DIYARBAKIR-Ihsan Baran, who was imprisoned for opposing the dark constructions of the state and the PKK against all the oppression and imposition of his Islamic identity in 90’s, his brother said that his Ihsan is in prison for 24 years because of protecting his identity.

Mehmet Baran, the brother of Ihsan Baran, said that at that time the presence of the state in the region was not even the case and that the PKK meant to kill his brother, and that his brother was taken into custody and tortured for days, finally arrested and imprisoned for 24 years in prison.

Mehmet Baran who said that 90's were a process of cruelty and that he did not want anyone to see the persecutions that dark organizations such as PKK and JITEM had experienced at that time and that his brother İhsan Baran was forced to protect and defend himself in order to survive and he was subjected to severe punishment even though he didn’t kill anyone.

Baran said that structures such as JITEM, Ergenekon, PKK, and FETO, especially in the 90s and the early 2000s, which caused them to live great victimization for 24 years, were particularly active in the region and that they frightened people and that these organizations were not only using weapons, but also press to deepen their persecution.

Baran said that because of the atmosphere of fear formed by these dark structures, the press organizations could not make objective news, added that some people who already connected to this structure, are aiming to those people of the region with Islamic sensitivity to be captured by creating a planned perception.

Baran stressed that the survivor struggle against all the attacks on Muslim people in the 90s were actually heroes, and said that on July 15th, a resemblance to the resistance of the people against the putschists lived in the region in the past.

“There have been untold atrocities”

"In the 90s, the PKK developed policies on young people, took youths to take them to the mountain, threatened them. JITEM and other similar structures in the state were doing different actions. It was a time when people of the region suffered too much. FETO was active in law enforcement and judiciary that time,” said Mehmet Baran and added the following:

"My brother had committed himself in 1994 to the mosque and began to teach the children in the mosque because he had a responsible Muslim character. He wanted for the future generations in a more prosperous and fair world and he tried to do this. So the structures of that time targeted my brother and others like him. Because the society those dark structures wanted was a community of ignorance, moving away from Islam, in the direction of what they wanted. Those who were in Islamic services were the biggest obstacle in front of their goals. So the right to life should not be recognized. For this reason, unprecedented oppression was experienced.”

“Thousands of people have been jailed for the minutes of the testimony that were forcedly signed under torture”

Baran said, "The PKK on one side, the JITEM and similar structures on the other side started to attack. Killing sensitive Muslims who were trying to prevent this kind of disorder as well as spoil the societies. It was. Hundreds of Muslims were martyred in the attacks of those oppressors. Those who self-defended were subjected by the FETO judge. Because they also had accounts on society. Despite reports of torture, people were subjected to heavy penalties based on detention records. Thousands of people have been convicted of the minutes of testimony imposed under torture and they are still being punished with unjustifiable punishment.”

“If someone claws to your family and possession, you have the right to protect them”

In the 90s Baran said that it was a legitimate situation for people to try to protect themselves, but despite the fact that those who were attacked were punished, Baran continued:

“Think they come to kill you, they mean your life, and you are considered a criminal for defending yourself. There is a legitimate self-defense. You have the right to protect your own life, your family or your property if someone claws to them. Thousands of Muslims were arrested and put into prison, especially in Diyarbakır, in the provinces of the region, even in the countryside, because they did not submit to the pressures of the PKK, the attacks of deep state extensions like JITEM. Because they couldn’t kill them, so they buried them in the alive grave.”

“They were seeking victims for unsolved murders”

Baran, who said that Islamic young people were punished on the murders they did not commit under the torture, said: “As you know there were murders in the region in the past 90. These murders, which are often unsolved, were sought for the perpetrator [victim]. Young people with Islamic sensitivity were tortured and those murders were inflicted on them. Those young were punished on the murders they did not commit. In those years, neither the law nor the ordinance was lawful, there was no justice.”

“We are waiting for the re-trial way to be opened”

“We have had difficulties, we have been victims,” said Baran and added, “But we have always put our trust in it, and we look forward to it with all hope. Hope that the bad days will pass, but with hope. My brother still in prison despite the 24 years that have passed. We have been talking for years and we are calling, but it seems that our voice is not particularly heard. We do not demand forgiveness as a compensation for a crime committed. We are waiting for the re-trial way to be opened.”

“It is a great sin if the government sees the persecution and remains silent and does not make efforts for the justice”

Baran, who said that at least the re-trial way should be opened in order to overcome the day-to-day grievances, finally stated:

“It is the benefit to turn from a mistake in anytime. Things they did to us were not mistakes and the cruelty made is consciously done. But today's power must see the unlawful things that are happening. It is a great mistake and wrong that the power which has been in power for 15 years not seeing victimizations. It is a great sin if they see the persecution and remains silent and does not an effort for the justice. The curse of oppressed will stick to their neck. Something must be done before it goes in. At least the way of re-trial must be opened. It is our request as a citizen.”


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