Orphan Foundation has dressed up 120 orphans

Orphan Foundation has dressed up 120 orphans
DIYARBAKIR-By the approach of the Feast of Sacrifice, a sensitive charitable person donated Orphan Foundation to dress up 120 orphans.

The foundation of Solidarity and Education for Assistance with orphans has made the children happy by dressing children on this occasion. A philanthropist who donated the foundation donated 120 orphans before the feast.

Vedat Bilge, a worker of Orphan Foundation gave information about studies, said that they have dressed up 120 orphans with the help of a charitable person and they aim to dress up to 700 orphans till the Eid.

Bilge asking the philanthropists to be more sensitive so they can reach their goal and to be sensitive to the orphans said “Wearing 700 orphans targeted at this Feast of Sacrifice. We want to make them happy. But our opportunity is not enough so we dressed up 120 orphan children with the help of a charitable person. We want to make all orphans happy, this is what in our hearts so we ask from philanthropic citizens to be more sensitive to in this regard, at least to be more sensitive to orphans, and we call for help.”

“If orphan laughs, the world will laugh”

“Let’s make all the orphans happy by dressing up them. If the orphans laugh and the whole world will laugh and if the orphan cry then the world will cry,” added Bilge. be a gullet, but the orphans will cry the whole world." The Wise said:

Thanks to the Orphans Foundation and philanthropists, the families said who expressed their satisfaction with the help made said they had a feast twice in the year and that the orphan children should not be forgotten during those Eids. Aysel Yıldırım who says that the orphan's foundation is very good and wears orphans as much as they can.

“Orphans Foundation really has a lot of support for us”

Fatma Doğru, who says that the orphan foundation observes and helps orphans, says “If they did not give us support, we would be miserable. They supported us as materially and spirituality. They're running our help. The orphan foundation really has a lot of support for us. They see orphans and poor people and come and give support.”

Gülcan Yönten and Tuğba Gülden thanked Orphan Foundation and said, “Thank you for everything, you are helping us.”

Ahmet Gülden and Muhammed Doğru also expressed that they are very happy that they have clothes, and asked for help from other philanthropists.


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