Shoe size grows due to the tumor in his brain

Shoe size grows due to the tumor in his brain
DIYARBAKIR-Due to the tumor in the brain of Hayrettin Yıldız, 49 years old living in Turkiye’s Diyarbakır, changes happened in different parts of his body. With the growth seen on his feet, the size of shoes rose from 43 to 47.

After more than 2 years of suffering headache complaints, and the cause which couldn’t be detected, Yıldız after changes in his face, went to the hospital. At the hospital, the MR was taken and it was determined that the pituitary gland had a tumor. The pituitary gland which is one gram and is the "orchestra conductor" of the body, and the hazelnut size, and the main veins in the brain were covered with a tumor-and became unable to function.

Yıldız was taken to surgery at Memorial Diyarbakır Dicle Hospital, Department of Brain and Neurosurgery, by Op. Dr. Adil Yılmaz. A special surgical procedure was performed for 6 hours.

Yılmaz said that the tumor had grown from the base of the skull to the inside of his brain. “The tumor pressed both of the visual nerves and reached the brain stem. It almost destroyed the pituitary gland. If the patient had not undergone surgery, both eyes could develop a complete loss of vision and life could be dangerous. We have performed this surgery by entering through the nostril with the closed method with the support of is our Ear Nose Throat Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ediz Yorgancılar.”

“I am very happy that I have become like I was and that the level of vision has started to improve in particular,” said Yıldız. “I feel better after surgery. My growing parts on the face and in my body due to the tumor begin to slowly return to normal. As my operation was closed method, I was healing sooner. One day after the surgery, I was able to continue my normal life.”


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