Yasin Börü's family sues the Governorate for damages

Yasin Börü's family sues the Governorate for damages
DIYARBAKIR-Yasin Börü's family applied to the Diyarbakır Administrative Court and complained to the Governor of Diyarbakır on the grounds that the Governorate was negligent in the attacks where Yasin Börü and his friends were murdered by PKK/HDP members in Diyarbakır on October 6-7 2014.

In the application, it was stated that the attacks were not obstructed by the security forces and there is negligence of the security in the attacks.

The lawyer, Murat Sadak, who gave information about the matter, said they applied to the Diyarbakır Administrative Court for the compensation claim.

Indicating that the compensation is not important, Sadak voiced that the important thing was to punish the officials in the material sense.

Referring to the negligence of security forces in the attacks of PKK/HDPs, Sadak said, “Because of this negligence, at least until now, they have not been brought before the judiciary in the sense of punishment, maybe they are going to be punished for compensation.”

Even though the perpetrators are directly responsible for the first degree of the murder of Yasin Börü and his friends, Sadak reminded the negligence of the governorate also has responsibility and said, “We have applied for Diyarbakır Governorship institution not only for Yasin Börü but for all of them because of this responsibility. The Governorate did not accept our request. So we applied only for the Martyrdom Compensation. It is about 25 thousand Turkish Liras. Apart from this, our request was not accepted.”


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