Buddhist Myanmar administration is cursed in Diyarbakır

Buddhist Myanmar administration is cursed in Diyarbakır
DIYARBAKIR-Reactions continue in the Islamic world against the brutal massacres of the Myanmar army and Buddhist gangs they commit on Rohingya Muslims. In this context, the Myanmar government is being cursed related to their massacres through walks and mass press releases in different regions.

In the mass press release that was held after the Friday prayers in Diyarbakır, the Myanmar government was cursed due to murders and call made to the international public, especially Islamic countries.   

“The pain and sorrow experienced by the Islamic people in recent years, such as tyranny, bloodshed, massacres, torture, brutality, barbarism, etc., have always been in our language. It should be known that remaining silent, not acting against the pictures where Muslims were set fire alive, bodies were shuttered brutality,  is to become partners in massacres carried out.”

“The internal conflicts have separated us to poles”

Mehmet Ali Zeybek, who read the press statement organized by the Diyarbakır Islamic NGOs, continued as follows:

“It must be known that the disintegration of the Islamic world forms the basis for the unimaginable brutality. That’s why the weakness arises for this reason. The internal conflicts we have experienced in the different regions of our geography have distracted us from ours and divided us into the poles. The wrongdoers and infidels and their local collaborators who saw this fragmentation, they continue their massacres, till the last Muslim fall.”

“'Infidelity is the one nation' the hadith is once again ringing in our ears”

Noting that the massacres continue with a programmed genocide in Arakan, Zeybek drawing attention to the relations of the Myanmar government with the zionists:

“Despite the various reactions from the world, the Myanmar government continues to persecute Muslims living in Arakan. Bodies, houses, mosques, and crops were set on fire. These massacres we have witnessed are the result of a conscious genocide policy, expression of the enmity against Islam and Muslims. This persecution is exacerbated due to the silence of international and regional powers, especially the rulers of the Islamic world. The Buddhist Myanmar, who does not tolerate Muslim existence, does not hide that it is an enemy of Islam and demonstrates it in cooperation with zionist terrorists in slaughtering Muslims. Weapons that massacred Muslims in Palestine now are in the hands of budists gangs targeting Muslims in Arakan. The hadith of Prophet Muhammad, ‘infidelity is one nation’ ringing in our ears once again.”

“Carrying the Muslims to the refugee camps to be formed in the neighboring countries should not be the aim”

Zeybek emphasized the ground for freedom and security should be established for Arakanese Muslims so they can live in their own lands.

“Due to a systematic long-standing genocide against Arakanese Muslims, the population decreased about one-a-half million, which had to be millions today. Today's policy is to completely dismiss Muslims from the region. The attacks that cause them to go to asylum seekers in the neighborhood countries are part of this plan. The ground should be established for freedom and security for Arakanese Muslims so they can live in their own lands. There shouldn’t be an effort to carrying them for taking shelter in another country. It may be used as a provisional measure for a period of time, but Muslims should be able to contribute freely and safely to their lands in the long run.”

Citizens who participated in the mass press release, which was organized by the Islamic NGOs often shout slogans as “Long live hell for the persecutors,” and cursed the Myanmar government.

In addition to representatives of Islamic NGOs, HUDA PAR Chairman Hüseyin Yılmaz and party officials participated in the press release.


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