Details of the bombed attack in Lice emerge

Details of the bombed attack in Lice emerge
DIYARBAKIR-A bombed attack carried out on the gendarmerie station in Duru village of Lice district of Diyarbakır. When a soldier was hurt lightly, the details of the attack has emerged.

According to information, the attack took place at the 5.50 pm local times. A bombed attack carried out on the gendarmerie station, which is 15 kilometers from the town of Lice, with 33 ACF 42-plate minibuses. PKK attacker died at the scene, a soldier was slightly injured in the guard tower.

The damage happened to a gasoline station, 2 houses and a mosque in the village of Hacı Musa near the village of Duru. A pit with a width of 10,5x11 meters and a depth of 5.2 meters formed in the Diyarbakır-Bingöl Highway. Due to the attack, the electricity and telephone lines in the vicinity are also broken.

On the other hand, the PKK attacker learned that was a woman. It was also learned that the minibus used for the attack was abducted from the Hani district yesterday and the bomb was loaded in the rural Hani district. The identity of PKK carried out the attack will be determined by studying DNA samples from the disintegrating body.

Lice District Governor Sinan Başak came to the region where the attack took place. District Governor Başak, who went to the explosion area, got information about the attack from the soldiers in the outpost.

Following the reviews, Başak explained to the members of the press that the vehicle used in the attack was stolen and that the license plate recognition system was giving an alarm at the time of approaching to the outpost.

Başak said that the vehicle had been stolen yesterday, “Today in the morning around 5.50 pm, a bomb attack carried out by a vehicle on our Duru outpost. There have been no casualties except for minor physical damage. Our people's facilities were damaged. As you see, the road is closed, it will be opened shortly. Phone lines and electrical faults have been damaged. I hope that such attacks will not happen.”

“Our citizens want peace and they do not want such events to happen again in Lice”

“The people of Lice are tired of these incidents,” Başak said and added that, “Even the incident happened today, damaged people of our Lice. There are no telephone or electricity lines. Our citizens want peace. Our ministry has also explained that, at present, the level of participation in the organization has fallen to the lowest level. Right now our citizens want peace and they do not want such events to happen again in Lice. They do not want to be mentioned with such events. Lice does not want to be remembered for things like that. Lice have much better things to say, and we do not want to be referred to marijuana and terror events.”


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