Education is the process of building children's future

Education is the process of building children's future
DIYARBAKIR-Educators Trade Union Diyarbakır Branch Vice-President Kasım Akgönül, made an assessment of the education system while numbered days prior to the start of the 2017-2018 academic year.

Indicating that it is necessary for students to be educated in line with people's values and belief, Akgönül reminded that the Ministry of Education went to curriculum changes with the new process.

“It is positive that curriculum changes came into force. Of course, this process will pass gradually. So in this sense, they continue to receive comments from teachers, students and parents.”

“Coeducation that causes serious problems should be ended”

Indicating that mixed-sex-education is forcedly imposed to the people due to the result of Westernization, Akgönül continued as follows: "Hopefully, the Ministry of Education makes a new assessment of the situation related to this process by considering the values and beliefs of the people and revise it.”

“It will be appropriate for dress to be worn in line with people’s values”

“It is obvious for the clothes of boys and girls in accordance with the values we believe and ethical principles. There are fundamental values in our culture. It will be appropriate for the dress to be worn by students in the line with people’s values,” said Akgönül.

“The Qur'an and the Prophet’s life should have been on all levels”

Referring to the issue of elective courses, Akgönül continues as: “There is no need to test again something tested. You know, the Qur’an and the life of Prophet which both were showed the great favor by the vast majority of people, should be in all stages of the course of the training curriculum. In this sense, related to the elective courses we demand from the ministry that the Qur'an and the Prophet's life should be in all the schools. We believe that an education system in the line of the values and belief of the people must be obligatory.”

Akgönül pointed out that issues humiliate people’s values should be removed from course books, said, “Education is the process of building the future of children.”


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