Fund drive from Orphans Foundation for Arakanese Muslims

Fund drive from Orphans Foundation for Arakanese Muslims
DIYARBAKIR-Aid materials collected by the Association in the framework of the campaign launched throughout Turkiye will be delivered to Arakanese Muslims who take refuge in Bangladesh.

Fikri Karavil, Orphan Foundation Chairman made a statement about aid campaign, said that they have launched such a campaign to be ointment to the pains of Arakanese Muslims even it is a little.

Reminding of the winter season approaching, Orphans Foundation Chairman Karavil, uttered that the Arakanese Muslims maintain their lives in the very difficult situations and that they need immediate help.

“Our program will be to reach refugee camps, deliver aid to the victims there”

Karavil continued his words as follows:

“We all know that it is impossible to go to Arakan right now. At present, about 380-400 thousand Arakanese Muslim took refuge in Bangladesh in order to save themselves from the massacres. Our program is to reach refugee camps and deliver aid to the victims there. In this framework, we continue to work on how to get assistance in the quickest way in cooperation with other international NGOs. What is important to us is that this aid can be delivered to our brothers there.”

“Each side of the Islamic world has turned into a bloodbath,” said Karavil and added, “Currently, there is blood and tears in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Kashmir, in Syria, almost in all lands of İslam. Muslims are victims there, massacres happen. It really takes a great responsibility to all Muslims of the world, especially to Saudi Arabia and Arab countries. They should say stop to this. Aid, of course, will be delivered but we have to scrutinize the causes of these incidents.”


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