Orphans Foundation helps thousands of orphans with stationery equipment

Orphans Foundation helps thousands of orphans with stationery equipment
DIYARBAKIR-Stationery supplies brought to the foundation central building in the district Kayapınar and were readily prepared by volunteers placed into school bags.

Bags filled with stationery materials were distributed to orphan children.

Vedat Bilge, Head of the Help Commission of the Foundation of Orphans, who explained the aid made, stated that they had helped a thousand orphans with stationery equipment.

Emphasizing that their work towards orphan children continues, Bilge said that if an orphan smile, the world will smile and that the world should protect orphans in order to find peace.

Bilge voicing that they have met the stationery needs of orphans before the schools start, “As Orphan Foundation to share the excitement, we have delivered stationery needs close to a thousand children before the schools start with the support of our sponsors. We have been doing this for years as the Orphan Foundation. We have 715 orphan children we regularly help out each month. Due to the inadequacy of our facilities, we have two thousand orphans files but we can’t help. We would love to reach all of them, but now we have the opportunity to help only 715 orphans.”

“We must look after orphans so that the unrest in the world is over and humanity find peace”

"If orphan smile, the world will smile, if orphan cries, the world will cry,” said Bilge and added:

“The Prophet, one in the Hadith said, ‘The one who looks after an orphan, the one who meets his needs, is as close as two fingers to me,’ He has commanded. Everyone in society must look after orphans on their own. At this moment, the world is not at peace because of the cry of the orphans of oppressed peoples in many parts of the world. The orphans must be possessed in order to find peace in the world. We must look after on the orphans that the unrest in the world is over and humanity find. While we are helping children, it is not possible to tell the feelings that those joys we have. So this is such a great happiness. We are delighted to see their delightful state.”

Orphan children and families who receive stationery help are satisfied that they are happy with the aid provided.


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