The perpetrator of Dürümlü massacre was killed

The perpetrator of Dürümlü massacre was killed
DIYARBAKIR-It was reported that the PKK element who was killed as a result of the operation in the rural areas of Bağlan and Çavundur villages in Lice, district of Diyarbakir, is the one who detonated explosive loaded vehicle in the village of Sarıkamış village in Sur province of Diyarbakır on the 12th of May 2016, murdered 16 people, and injured 23 people.

According to the statement made by the Governor's Office, the PKK element who was seized dead in Bağlan village was found to be Mehmet Barkın, who was born in Şırnak in 1988, use Dıjwar as the nick name and he joined the organization in Beytüssebap district of Şırnak in 2011.

In the explanations, “He is the terrorist; On 21 September 2015, a rocket launcher attacked the District Governor's Office and on District Security Directorate Service Building and on Armored Cobra vehicle on December 21, 2015, a rocket launcher attack on the District Governor's office in Ergani district on December 26, 2015, a rocket launcher attack on Kocakoy District gendarmerie headquarters on January 16, 2016, a rocket attack on the base zone in the Hani District of Vezirboğazı district in 2016, an assault on the road control personnel between Taşağıl village road and Dicle district on 18 February 2016, rooting vehicles and set on fire during the road cut in the area of Diyarbakır-Bingol highway and Çalbükü village on 21 February 2016, detonating explosion-laden truck on May 1, 2016, on the Dicle County Gendarmerie Command, injuring 36 personnel and martyred a personal, and detonating an explosion-loaded truck on May 12, 2016 in Dürümlü hamlet of Sarıkamış village of Sur district of Diyarbakır province resulted 16 civilian lost their lives and 23 injured.”

In the continuation of the description, it was stated that the name of the PKK element who is Celal Yıldırım, was arrested with serious injuries in the head and cheek area with a hand grenade on it, said, “Membership in the terrorist organization, deliberate killing and the production of drugs and stimulants, trade, was searched for three different crimes,” said that was detected.


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