We want problems of Islamic world be solved unarmed and in dialogue

We want problems of Islamic world be solved unarmed and in dialogue
DIYARBAKIR-Participating to the second ordinary congress in Çınar, HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman M.Hüseyin Yılmaz evaluated the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government's referendum decision and said that problems in the Islamic world should be solved by dialogue.

“All our declarations are based on a fair witness”

Speaking in the program, HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Yılmaz said, “We will not leave justice even if it is against us. All of our statements are based on a fair witness and is to establish justice.”

“The government is approaching the events with the nationalist rhetoric of the MHP”

Yılmaz continued his speech as: “Now the ruling and opposition parties are expressing themselves. They say white today for their politics, once they said black. While the AK Party was opposition was saying the Kurdish issue must be solved according to Islam. Now they are approaching with the nationalist rhetoric of the MHP.”

“We do not want Muslims to fight each other”

Touching to the war in Syria nearly ongoing for 7 years, Yılmaz said: “We has a stance in the Syrian issue. Turkiye's government or the AK Party who are pro-government blamed us immediately as pro-Assad, and also pro-Assad people accused us as pro-government. Our politics was this, solve the problems through negotiations and with unarmed and dialogue. We want all the problems in the Islamic geography to be solved with dialogue. We want the Muslims not to fight each other. Our politics are based on this, but unfortunately they misunderstand it.”

“The Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government wants to make a decision about its own future in its territory,” said Ylmaz and added: “Just because we said the referendum is their right, because we make witnessing in justice, because we say the opposite of the government and we invite them to the justice, many media organizations doing many publications war-mongering. Many people speak with nationalist feelings.”


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