Clean bill of health to bedridden and paralyzed patient

Clean bill of health to bedridden and paralyzed patient
DIYARBAKIR-Family of Osman Kaplan who lives in Solmaz [Nivé] village which 12 kilometers far from Çınar and has been paralyzed for 2 years and bedridden, reacted for the clean bill of health.

Nuriye Kaplan, wife of Osman Kaplan expressed that they took her husband to Selahaddin Eyyubi State Hospital and 8-person delegation of doctors gave one hundred percent healthy report to her husband.

Nuriye Kaplan reacted to the situation and said that her husband has seventy percent continuous report, and the same hospital gave 50 percent disabled report two years ago but they gave fully of a clean bill of health now.

Osman Kaplan's wife reacts to situations, “My husband does not eat food anymore. There are wounds in his body because of bed. His condition is clear but still, they don’t give a report. There is no one here and my son will go for his military mission. I live lonely and already have asthma and blood pressure.  They do not report to you in front of your eyes. I have no one, my son will go to the military. I am alone, I am sick, I have asthma and blood pressure.”

Kaplan said that he did the care and cleanliness of her husband and lastly added: “We take him to the hospital, the doctors say he is well, they do not give the medical certificate. As you can see, we are forcing him to eat with a spoon, giving food. We look after of him. If he was strong and well then why would we do all these?”


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