Fired while expecting to be permanent staff

Fired while expecting to be permanent staff
DIYARBAKIR-It was stated that 180 subcontractors working in cleaning jobs at Diyarbakır’s Dicle University Hospitals were removed from their jobs without any justification while waiting for to be permanent staff.

Workers showed their reaction in front of the Dicle University Hospitals policlinic service. Workers who have been working as subcontractor workers for years have stated that they have been unlawfully terminated and want their rights back.

The number of people who going to be fired from the job will increase said Sedat Demir, one of the workers who fired from the job and added that they will look for their rights.

“We got fired without any explanation”

Demir also said that they got fired without any explanation and continued: “We do not know exactly what will happen. They are negotiating with the hospital administration right now, but they do not say anything definite. It is known that the number employment termination is 180, but this number is about to increase. This number is said to be between 340 and 600 people. They did not give any justification for our dismissal, they just phoned our friends and said, ‘you fired, do not come to work, we do not want to work with you.’ We do not know exactly what it is, nor did any official tell us. This is a grave situation. We do not understand that they illegally fired us.”

“They did not even let us know”

Oya Süer said that she had learned from her friends that her job was ended and said “I have never been informed that I was taken out of my work. My friend phoned me at night and informed me. No one has given us any information. They ran the cops here before we got here. It's like we did theft, drug dealership, and prostitution. If we had done these things, we would be nowhere as administrators, but we have worked with our honesty, we have worked with our honor. We did not even inform that we were removed.”

“How dare they ended our job, with what accusation?”

“President has explained that permanent staff regulation will be made so they did this,” said Nuray Çalışkan by expressing her reaction and continued as: “We stayed here until 1:00 pm when the fire broke out. The permanent staff went home and with our chiefs, we cleared the fire of this hospital for two days. We are taken from the work, we accept, then we are replaced with their relatives.”


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