Food aid to Arakanese Muslims from Orphans Foundation

Food aid to Arakanese Muslims from Orphans Foundation
DIYARBAKIR-Orphans Foundation has sent the aid to Bangladesh they have collected under the ‘Emergency Campaign for Arakan’ to distribute for Arakanese Muslims who expose genocide by the Myanmar army and Buddhist gangs.

The Foundation distributed its first stage aid to Arakanese Muslims in live in tents in Cox's Bazar town located in Myanmar border.

Foundation; distributed 500 food packages containing food ingredients such as oil, salt, potatoes, lentil, rice.

Their assistance will continue, said Orphans Foundation Chairman Fikri Karavil in statements about the help they have done.

Stating that that Arakanese Muslims faced with serious health problems, Orphans Foundation Chairman Karavil said the aid campaign will continue until December 14th.

Expressing that they will continue to make all necessary assistance to Arakanese Muslims Karavil added: “We have begun our first state aid distribution with the permission of Allah. We have sorted aid according to the needs of Arakanese Muslims living in the camps. At present the urgent needs of Arakanese refugees; food, tent, water well, medical examination and stationery for students who are studying in the madrasa. As the Foundation of Orphans, I hope that we will get the necessary help for our Arakanese brothers in the direction of these urgent aid needs.”

Emphasizing that the aid campaign they have started will continue till December 14, 2017, Karavil said: “Our help will continue until mid-December. Charitable people who wish to support the campaign that we have initiated for the victims of the Arakanese Muslims may bring their donations to the headquarters of our foundation as well as donations to the bank account numbers we have opened for Arakan. According to the health authorities in Bangladesh, 42,441 children from Arakanese Muslims who have immigrated to this country are facing serious health problems. Authorities point out that the health of children in Bangladesh is also threatened by malnutrition. Tens of thousands of Arakanese Muslims are still trying to get away from the area because of their safety. Civilians escaping from Myanmar; crossing in mountainous regions, via the Naf River or the sea. More than 600 Arakan Muslims have arrived in Bangladesh since 25 August.”


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