Obstacles in front of human rights must be lifted

Obstacles in front of human rights must be lifted
DIYARBAKIR-HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Provincial Chairman Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu warned in his speech at the 2nd Ordinary Congress of the Yenişehir District Organization, saying that unless the obstacles in front of basic human rights are removed, the field of intervention will be opened for the imperialists.

HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Yenisehir District 2nd Ordinary Congress was held with the participation of Provincial Chairman Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu. Speaking here, Tanrıkulu said, “Necessary changes need to be done constitutional amendments and obstacles in front of basic human rights should be removed for people to live in a free environment. As long as this is not done, the field of intervention will be opened for the imperialist countries.”

Tanrıkulu, who draws attention to the concept of justice in his speech, said that many problems were experienced because this concept did not find any return in Turkiye and in the countries of the region.

Tanrıkulu said, “As people, we are in a great trouble. Both those who voted for the HDP and those who voted for the AK Party have experienced and are still living with great misery because of the wrong politics of these two parties. We need to reach out to these people and explain how our own party has a human-centered understanding of politics, an understanding of justice, an approach to events, and an effort and endeavor to come to this region.”

Tanrıkulu said, “Continent statements of our party on domestic politics as well as on foreign politics to act according to justice are the important stance. Regional countries and especially our country are beginning to perceive their mistakes they have made. In 2011, since the beginning of the Syrian issue, in the Islamic geography, we pointed out that there shouldn’t be any conflicts and problems should be solved according to justice. We pointed to the necessity of making a constitution that all people, all groups of beliefs, ethnic identities can see themselves in Syria. We said that countries like Turkiye, Iran, Arabia, and Egypt should come together and solve these problems. Our warnings were not taken into account and as a result, there was great sorrow.” Sectarian, nationalist and imperial policies turned Syria into today’s situation.”

“We are in great trouble in general terms as an Islamic ummah”

Tanrıkulu concluded as: “As the Islamic ummah, we are in great trouble in general terms. Unfortunately, Islmic ummah is in the blood due to sectarian policies, racist, nationalist or imperial policies steps taken. We need to stop in this situation. We need to leave the existing conflicts to one side and put our problems into the table and solve them with dialogue.”

After the talk, the agenda items of the congress were read by the delegates. Income-Expense Account Reports are also read separately. After the election of the governing board, the only candidate list of the divan board was given in the elections that passed. After the creation of the classification commission, the current district president Ibrahim Yaz was elected president again.


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