There wouldn’t be revolt against tyrants if Hüseyin had obeyed to Yezid

There wouldn’t be revolt against tyrants if Hüseyin had obeyed to Yezid
DIYARBAKIR-A program was held in Diyarbakır's Bismil by HUDA PAR District Organization, on the occasion of the anniversary of Karbala and anniversary of events of October 6-7 that Yasin Börü and his friends were martyred by PKK/HDP members.

“Imam Hüseyin gave his life, raised the Ummah”

Referring to the Muharram month and October 6-7 events, Göktaş said: “Both are full of smells of martyrdom. Prophet Muhammad which advice to be martyrs for Muslim also recommended it to his families, and his grandchildren. Do not worry and do not be sad too much for Imam Hüseyin because Imam Hüseyin wasn’t killed, he was martyred. He had to go there. There wasn’t any road but being a martyr for him. Imam Hüseyin could live but only one condition, obey to Yezid. If Imam Hüseyin had obeyed to Yezid then there wouldn’t be any Seyyid Qutub, Sheikh Said or Hasan Al-Benna. No one would raise their head against pharaohs and oppressors in difficult times.”

Reminding of Yasin Börü and his friends who were slaughtered by PKK/HDP members on October 6-7, Göktaş said: “Watch carefully when you remember Martyr Yasin, Hasan, and Riyad. The west has attacked Muslims from behind from the east for the first time. These children are martyrs in the attack came from the east. If the attacks come from west and east cannot be prevented then this Ummah will collapse soon. If the community which Yasin was with, is going to collapse, then those dishonored people will collapse Islamic world, those who bring lesbianism, homosexuality, immorality, paganism.”


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