We will never forget the barbarity and will not let it be forgotten

We will never forget the barbarity and will not let it be forgotten
DIYARBAKIR-Grieving families of Yasin Börü, Cumalı Güneş, Turan Yavaş, Riyad Güneş, Hasan Gökgöz and Hüseyin Dakak spoke to ILKHA on the anniversary of the atrocity that they children were brutally murdered by PKK/HDP members in streets with the call of HDP Co-Chairman Selahaddin Demirtaş, former Diyarbakır Metropolitan Mayor Gültan Kışanak and former DBP Diyarbakır provincial Chairperson Zübeyde Zümrüt on October 6-7, 2014.

The grieving families said they could not forget the event happen on that day, drew attention that how Imam Hüseyin martyred in Karbala, also their children were martyred by Yezids.

Martyr Hasan Gökgöz's father, Mehmet Gökgöz, said that despite the fact that 3 years had passed, his pain is still fresh.

Emphasizing that the barbarity on that day will not be forgotten until the death, Gökgöz said, “We cannot describe the day with words. Hasan has martyred 3 years ago. Believe me, it feels like he was martyred like yesterday. This Eid al-Adha we were in Hajj. I cried a lot in the first morning of Eid. Children of my martyred son came to my mind made me cry a lot. I cried that day till evening, couldn’t stop myself.”

“The PKK can forget it, someone else can forget it, but we will never forget,” the painful father Gökgöz, said and continued:

“On the other hand, we are proud of our martyrs. Hasan is always with us. Neither we forget him, nor he forget us. He is constantly in our minds, so we are constantly in his mind. He has constantly come to our dreams.”

“The Yezids of this time have martyrs Hasan and Hüseyin”

Gökgöz said, “Yezid has martyred Imam Hüseyin [grandson of Prophet Muhammad]. The Yezids of this time has martyred Hasan and Hüseyin. Islamic cause will continue until the end. Our Prophet, fathers, and ancestors sacrificed for this cause so will too.”

Yasin Börü who was martyred only when he was 16-years-old, his father reminded that they have entered into the third year since his son was martyred.

Börü stated that he has visited the tombs of the martyrs regularly and said, “The past 3 years didn’t make us forget and the future will not make us forget. We feel pain as memorabilia arrive but being martyrs relief our heart. My heart feels nice because I raised my son on the right path. He would go to university like his friends if he was alive. It was the 4th day of the Feast of the Sacrifice [Eid al-Adha], they were distributing meat voluntarily while others were in the entertainment places.”

“I am proud that our son martyred”

Öztekin Dakak, father of martyr Hüseyin Dakak stated they feel proud of their son has martyred, “How Imam Hüseyin martyred in Karbala, our children lived another Karbala here and were martyred. That time Yezids had existed and this time also Yezids have existed.”

“I am ready to go on the path of my brother, to be martyr”

Martyrs Riyad Güneş's brother Hasan Güneş pointed out that his brother had an Islamic morality and expressed that he was loved by his family and his friends.

Telling that he had a constant time with his brother, Güneş said, “We were doing the same profession. He was a calm person, instantly chatting. I am proud of that. He lived like a martyr, he was martyred. If this happens again, I am ready to be a martyr.”

“My brother's killers are known as 'unsolved'”

Expressing that no concrete steps have been taken about the murder of his brother, Martyrs Cumalı Güneş’s elder brother Ali Güneş said: “There is no a concrete steps have been taken so far in the Court and the judicial process. ‘There is a confidentiality decision,’ when we ask. It stays as ‘unsolved’ until now. We are expecting a concrete step in this brutality and murder.”


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