It would not possible for the Muslims to hold their heads high until the occupation ends

It would not possible for the Muslims to hold their heads high until the occupation ends
DIYARBAKIR-Veterans who wounded in the Mavi Marmara ship which was taking aid to Gaza and get attacked by the occupying zionist gangs, evaluated the imperialist US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the so-called capital of invaders, to ILKHA's correspondent.

Veterans who emphasized that the Muslims will not be able to hold their heads high until the occupation of the zionist in Palestine ends. Stated that the US and zionist have a finger in all the Muslims' blood shed on the earth, and those who support them.

Mehmet Ali Zeybek, one of the veterans of the Mavi Marmara Ship, who described America's decision as daring, stated that he recognizes not Israel as a state but as terrorists.

Zeybek said that America proved that it is an imperialist state with the decision, "This is not a much-unexpected thing. These people are gradually applying for their own orders slowly, breaking apart the Islamic Ummah. They are following their own program in this regard. Unfortunately, at this point, they get courage from the separation of Muslims. As it is known, the US' own policy is very aggressive lately. America says, 'I am moving from a Christian state to an imperialist state.' Because it is contrast for a Christian to gifts Jerusalem to the Jews. Therefore, the US has accepted that it is imperialist. America, which has a material based system, which only exploits world countries, especially sucking the blood of the Muslims, stealing their underground treasures, so-called liberal, has announced that it is a state only cause chaos and turmoil. It does not hurt us. Why? We already know that the secret state of the US is with the imperialist state, the zionist state. It is unfortunate that the Muslim societies are not united in this matter, they cannot be a single punch against these inhabitants."

Evaluating the final report of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Leaders' Summit Meeting, Zeybek said, "The decision that the Islamic Cooperation Organization has taken yesterday is a decision taken according to international norms of law. We Muslims find that the decision is incomplete with a nice find. The declaration of East Jerusalem as the capital is an international law which was established in the 1980s after the 1967 occupation of lands. For that reason, states used a word according to law. We think that Jerusalem and Palestine lands are occupied lands, so there cannot be an attempt for the occupying state to recognize as its capital."

Another veteran Recep Idikut in the Mavi Marmara Ship said that it would not be possible for Muslims to hold their heads high till the occupation of Zionists ends.

He emphasized that in the blood of all the Muslims flowing in the earth, there is the finger of America and Israel and those who support them, Idikut said that it is now time for the Islamic world to raise the voice of the Muslim world.

"This decision is one of America's actions to change the status of Masjid al-Aqsa"

"Yes, the Islamic geography is burning, one of this burning region also part of the Palestinian occupied territory by the imperialist and zionist forces," said İdikut and added: "For years, the Palestinian people, the cities, towns, and villages are exposed to the same persecution and attacks. Israel and its supporters plan to result in persecution, blood, death, deportation, and isolation in these lands. Every practice of israel on this holy land is cruelty. By giving support to Israel, they are trying to take control of Masjid al-Aqsa. They do all of this with weapons."


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