We need to build the future

We need to build the future
DIYARBAKIR-HUDA PAR Diyarbakir Provincial Directorate of Youth Branches held a panel discussion with the theme of "Responsibility of Youth in the Future of Turkiye."

HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Provincial Chairperson Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu moderated in the panel where HUDA PAR Vice Chairman Sait Şahin, Erdal Elibüyük, and Mehmet Ali Doyar joined as panelists.

President of the Diyarbakır Youth Branches Yasin Dursun made the greeting speech of the panel which started with the Quran recitation.

Speaking in the panel, HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Youth Branches President Yasin Dursun, indicating that youth of HUDA PAR is a model of a deductible with sacrifice and determination, said: "We must fight for the lack of justice as the youth of HUDA PAR. We must continue to pursue our efforts to shape the future and establish the current situation on justice. The protection of the youth, the ensuring that they are raised as beneficial to the society and humanity, with moral, knowledgeable and healthy growth are our primary goals."

After the salutation speech of Dursun, HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Provincial Chairman and panel moderator Şeyhmus Tanrıkulu said that people who are far from political consciousness are shifted to different directions for different reasons.

Tanrıkulu continued, "I hope the policy of HÜDA PAR will reach every part of the society and it will be effective. For this, we must all act together with the awareness of our responsibilities. Because, in this geography where we live in the 21st century, our people are moving away from political consciousness to different directions for different reasons. So there is a big task for us, there is responsibility. "

Speaking in the panel, "Why there is a need for HUDA PAR," asked HUDA PAR Vice Chairman Sait Şahin.

Sahin said that society has big problems and that the future should be built with young people.

Noting that society is not in a good situation in the social and political situation, Şahin said that there is need to build future with the youth and that this future will be built with the youth of HUDA PAR.

Referring to the importance of the future to be built Şahin said: "HUDA PAR is a party that will build the future with young people. Because our future needs to be built. Every individual, family, society, state needs to build their future, but the future can never be built on weak, rotten foundations. If a society has major problems, conflicts, disputes, oppression, and injustices, these are fault lines, and unless you correct these fault lines you cannot build a solid future on these fault lines. That's why we need to build the future. We also need this as a state. If we continue building the future of the state based on today's existing foundations, our future will be based on conflicts, strife, oppression and injustices that we are in today. In that respect, I am talking about rebuilding the system and building a future to hold society together on justice. So we need to build the future."

"We can evaluate a society by looking at prisons"

Stating that the interior of Turkiye's social and political statement is in miserable, Şahin pointed out that the current state system is the cause of this picture.

Şahin added: "Now there are two fire scenes, social and political. The social scene is not good. It can be evaluated by looking at a few indicators whether a community is good or not. We can evaluate a society by looking at prisons. 'How much is the occupancy rate of the prisons?' when we say we can find out what a society is like. When we look at this, in the prisons where 55 thousand people were kept in 2004, 255 thousand according to the figures of 2016. This number has increased fivefold. Are these real figures? Not. Because three or four times as many people in prisons are freeing the courts if they commit a crime. Politically prosecuted in this country are arrested, but judicial incidents are being made for release. So the number of files in the courts exceeds one million."

"If our reference is Islam, we need to fill the bottom of this claim"

After Şahin, HÜDA PAR vice-chairperson Erdal Elibüyük made a presentation on 'The importance of social media'.

Reminding that HUDA PAR is a party based on Islam, Elibüyük said that social media put importance on Arab Spring, Gezi Events and 15th of July coup attempt.

"If our reference is Islam, we need to fill the bottom of this claim. In this sense, we need to use social media according to our reference. What is cooked in the kitchen is served in the table," added Elibüyük.

"Our worship, our work, our responsibility, our wife is important than everything"

Talking about the Fomo (Virtual drug means the fear of missing out) disease caused by the use of social media, Elibüyük said: "We are telling the power of the social media, we reveal our point of view. But our worship, our work, our responsibility, our wife is important to everything. If we are being subjected to our partner's objections when we follow social media if we are negligent at the point of fulfilling our responsibilities if social media is causing our worship to be delayed ... No matter how strong the social media is, social media is nothing against the values we neglect."

Speaking after the presentation Elibüyük HUDA PAR Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Doyar talked about the importance of unity and togetherness.

Doyar expressed that youth should be active, "This society needs HUDA PAR definitely because it knows how to measure with ideals and with promises, especially with Islam, with the mind, and idea. But together with this, to make HUDA PAR comes to the service level, HUDA PAR needs the support of the community in order to be able to perform these collective services. Then this youth generation must be conscious at first, be decisive and be an activist. If this youth is not an activist. If this youth is not active we will be passive about fulfilling the duties of ourselves. We are obliged to work for the improvement of people, let's accept or not. We have to work for the benefit of this community and strive for the improvement of this society. Especially young people have to be ideal for this."


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