Helpless woman to live on the street with her 4 children

Helpless woman to live on the street with her 4 children
DIYARBAKIR-P.I. (34), who temporarily resides in an apartment in Mevlana Halit Neighborhood of Bağlar district of Diyarbakır, requested assistance from the authorities stating that they will stay in the street with 4 children and that there is no place to go.  

The 34-years-old mother of 4 children, who divorced 9 years ago, did not get any support nor from her ex-husband or her own family. P.I. stated that she remained helpless and ended up selling household goods because of financial impossibility.

Indicating that due to the illness of her arms she cannot even get to work, P.I. asked for help from philanthropists.

"I have been divorced for about 9 years. But within these 9 years, neither the father of my children [ex-husband] nor his family or my own family have ever taken care of me and my children. I have been working 4 years on my own. After that, I tried to live with the money I get from social services. But this money is not enough. I have 4 children. 4 of them are studying, they are students. I couldn’t pay the expenses of electricity and water. The house we live in is rented. Owner of the house asked us to move from the house," said P.I.

Noting that they cannot move to another house due to financial impossibility, P.I. said, "I have to find another rental house. I actually look around for rental houses but there is no money to pay. We do not know where to go. We are going to live in the street. There is no one to help. Whoever I asked for help, didn’t bother. I cannot work due to illness in my arm."


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