Orphan Foundation announces annual activity report

Orphan Foundation announces annual activity report
DIYARBAKIR-The Orphans Foundation, which is known for its charity activities at home and abroad, announced the annual activity report they made in 2017, both in Turkiye and abroad.

Orphans Foundation Chairman Fikri Karavil, who shares the report publicly in the center of the foundation in Diyarbakır, announced that they made a total of 1,214,000 TL worth of aid package consisting of the food package, orphan scholarship, red meat, bicycle, stationery, dressing orphans and similar items.

"Our aim; in reaching orphans on earth is to provide basic needs, to cure their financial and moral problems, to raise a healthy, moral and virtuous youth to the society. Our call; is for all the sensitive members of the Ummah to remember their responsibility to stand with orphan and abandoned children. Our goal is to support as much as possible both materially and spiritually, both within the country and abroad, thanks to our sensitive people."


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