People in Diyarbakır reacts mosque attacks

People in Diyarbakır reacts mosque attacks
DIYARBAKIR-Saying that the attackers have resorted to such a way because they did not tolerate Islam and Muslims, the Diyarbakır people have reacted to the attacks carried out on nearly 40 mosques in various forms in Germany since the beginning of the year.

Expressing that the jews and Christians have not finished their games on Muslims, Şeyhmus Arık added that Muslims should care about the Islamic religion. "Those incidents happen just because we are not supporting and backing each other," said Arık.

"They are doing these attacks because of their intolerance towards Islam and Muslims"

Muzaffer Altun, who stated that those who carry out these attacks are enemies of Allah and Messenger, said; "They are doing these attacks because of their intolerance towards Islam and Muslims. There is no another reason. The place of mosques is great since the existence of Islam. Mosque means; where Muslims get together, where people care about the poor, where people worship, where a center that all kinds of activities are made."

Remziye Bakgör also pointed out that these attacks revealed more the legitimacy of the Islamic religion.

Mehmet Çolak, who also reacted to the mosque attacks, said; "We can prevent all these if we unite. There are churches is Turkiye but we show respect for all kinds of religions. Because external forces do not want Muslims, they are attacking Muslims everywhere in Germany, in the Netherlands."

Hacı Ramazan Tormuş, who condemned these attacks on the mosques, said, "A game is being played on the Islamic world. It is time to unite."


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