People in Turkiye addressed as race-oriented rather than religion-oriented

People in Turkiye addressed as race-oriented rather than religion-oriented
DIYARBAKIR-Speaking to ILKHA correspondent Political Science and International Relations Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Şeyhanlıoğlu had important evaluations about the Kurdish issue, which on agenda again with HUDA PAR President Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu's call in recent days.

Stating that the Kurdish problem and nationalism had been unfolded by the French Revolution of 1789, Şeyhanlıoğlu said the Turkism brought by Ahmet Rıza (Jon Turks) and Kurdism brought by especially Ziya Gökalp, Abdullah Cevdet and Ishak Sukuti.

"Islam is being removed from being a common ground"

"The coup of 1908 was a breakdown in all the Muslims and a dispersion. The Jon Turk rulership was totally a disaster. The fall of Abdülhamit was a tragedy. The Ottoman Peace, which was called as Pax-Ottomana, broke down. In the War of Independence, Kurds took sides with the Turks in the name of Islam. Mustafa Kemal was completely in the Islamic line from the caliphate-sharia determinations to the Erzurum, Sivas congresses. The process has deteriorated since the first parliament in 1923 and after the first the constitution in 1924. That is, Islam is removed from being the common ground," said Şeyhanlıoğlu.

Drawing attention to the identity definition in the Treaty of Lausanne, Şeyhanlıoğlu said Islam was not a criterion anymore by noting the phrase "Anyone living in the Republic of Turkiye is Turkish."

"İsmet İnönü and the CHP factor should be seen as the main actors"

Stating that not only the Kurds, other nations also exposed to the same treatment, Şeyhanlıoğlu said, "From 1924, after the constitution of the secularized, it pulled to another field. 'Turkiye belongs to the Turks', 'how happy is he who says I am a Turk' such rhetoric is being used. It is necessary to see İsmet İnönü and the CHP factor as the main actors. This process continues until 1950. Moreover, it causes a centered, a national, and a unitary, purely racist state. Therefore, the Kurdish issue we are talking about is coming up on the table again from that time."

During the process of closure of the Democratic Party, Şeyhanlıoğlu expressed the "1949 incident had experienced and that Kurdish landlords and sheikhs were arrested in these events. He also said such a process was experienced during the May 27 coup.

"PKK/HDP has emerged as a result of racist politics"

"The incident of the Zilan, the Van [province of East of Turkiye] incident in which 33 people were killed, the events of Dersim and Tunceli... These are the practices of the CHP. The process has gotten worse when it comes to the 70's and 80's. The exclusionary policy applied to the Kurds is a systematic process, the policy of separating the flesh from the bone, the execution of Sheikh Said, the İskilipli Atif and the Adnan Menderes, all of which are not the result of Turks attacks Kurd, but the westernization process. In the 240-years westernization process, sad to say, people in Turkiye were removed from 'history, traditions, religions' based common ground and addressed as race-oriented. Therefore, let's say the PYD, whether it's the PKK or HDP, all these formations have emerged at the end of racist politics."

"I am opposed to the HDP/PKK being the only party in the solution process," said Şeyhanlıoğlu. "It is even wrong to call as the solution process. It is wrong to address someone who holds weapons," he added.


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