Yusufi prisoner attends his father's funeral

Yusufi prisoner attends his father's funeral
DIYARBAKIR-Mirza Yorgun, the father of Yusufi prisoner Cömert Yorgun, who had been in prison for about 18 years due to his Islamic services, lost his life by a car accident while he was trying to cross the road.

Mirza Yorgun lost his life in Van province and given to the soil there but upon the failure of transferring Cömert Yorgun from the prison in Diyarbakır to Van, condolences are being excepted in a funeral house in Diyarbakır.

"He had the right to see his father"

Uncle Şevket Yorgun, referring to his deceased brother, Mirza Yorgun and his son Cömert, said that his nephew was exposed to atrocity and that he was kept in prison unfairly for 18 years. Uncle Şevket Yorgun also demands this injustice end.

"I was in prison with my nephew. I was out soon. My nephew is still in prison. He has lost his father after a painful accident. Of course, he had the right to see his father. However, he did not bring to Van. We haven’t seen each other for 18 years due to the long distance," said Şevket Yorgun.


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