The arrogant manifesto in France was cursed

The arrogant manifesto in France was cursed
DIYARBAKIR-The manifesto signed by some 300 French figures, including Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy to remove some ayahs of the Quran, was cursed in a mass press statement held in Turkiye's Diyarbakır.

It is emphasized that Muslims are obliged to respond in the most powerful way against any attack on the sanctity of Islam in the press statement jointly organized by Islamic NGOs in the city.

Mehmet Şimşek on behalf of the NGOs read the mass press statement made in front of the Grand Mosque after Friday prayer.

The internal conflicts and the dividedness of thoughts have encouraged the colonial enemy of Islam and paved way for the new massacres to be experienced in the Islamic geography said Şimşek. He added that the US is on one side and France on the other side from Europe's leading colonialists have organized new attacks with the collaboration of the zionists.

Şimşek reminded that Trump, the president of the imperialist United States decided Al-Quds as the capital of zionists and that he would relocate US' embassies to Al-Quds on May 14, and emphasized this decision, unfortunately, happened due to the lack of strong and effective response in the Islamic countries.


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