Yapıcıoğlu uses his vote

Yapıcıoğlu uses his vote
DIYARBAKIR-Diyarbakır Independent MP Candidate Lawyer Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu used his vote for the presidential and27th term parliamentary elections at the Diyarbakır's of Kayapınar district.

His fans and friends also accompanied Yapıcıoğlu, who used his vote in Mezopotamya Neighborhood Kayapınar 2 Adnan Menderes Anatolian High School.

After using his vote at around 10.00 o'clock, Yapıcıoğlu said: "First of all, I wish these election results to be good for the country and nation. I wish there would be a scot-free choice. I hope this election will end without upsetting none of us and our nation."

"I wish the election result will be good for the country and the nation"

"For about two months, the parties and the candidates have made their propaganda. There is no propaganda after this hour," Yapıcıoğlu said and added: "We will not say anything about propaganda. Everyone has decided. I wish that this decision would reflect the ballot without under pressure. I wish the election result will be good for the country and the nation."

Yapıcıoğlu also visited some other classes that were voted in the school and chatted with the chiefs for a short time.

Yapıcıoğlu learned that he would visit some other schools [vote centers] during the day, and he will follow the results of the elections at HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Provincial Presidency.

As in all Turkiye, the presidential and 27th term parliamentary election began at 08.00 in the morning in Diyarbakır and the chests will be closet at 17.00.

In general the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkiye, 59,391,328 voters voting on. In Diyarbakir, the number of voters voting is 1,230,391 people.


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