Congregations and cults constitute the real dynamism of society

Congregations and cults constitute the real dynamism of society
DIYARBAKIR-HUDA PAR Diyarbakır Provincial Chairman Metin Kaya reacted strongly to the ugly campaigns and blackmails directed against congregations, sects and Islamic scholars after the July 15 coup attempt, especially by illegal secular and leftist media over structures like FETO and Adnan Oktar.

Stating that a campaign against Islamic community has been spraying “to destroy Muslims, intimidation and lynching” by secular, socialist in some TV channels, Kaya said, “Congregations, communities, and cults constitute the real dynamism of the society, which they stood against coups.”

Kaya stated that congregations, communities, and sects have been consistently targeted since they oppose the US and imperialism. For this reason, Kaya stated that Islamic congregations, communities, and sects were set as targets after the coup.

Stating that Islamic communities began to be debated after the FETO coup attempt, Kaya continued: "This situation peaked after the operation on Adnan Oktar. Some people who call themselves intellectuals and academicians started attacking Islamic civilizations and sects via the media because of the structures like FETO and Adnan Oktar. FETO never used an expression that it was an Islamic congregation. If you remember, the FETO tried to make sense that there was a constant service movement in society. This understanding of FETO was to serve its own structure, not Islam. It tried to make itself very acceptant than Islamic understanding in schools where it opened them all around the world. After the coup, it became clear that they were trying to raise agents, especially CIA and MOSSAD. The other one is Adnan Oktar, and it is not possible for them to be called an Islamic community or sect. It was clear that it was a subversion project away from Islam with its movements and attitudes."


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