Search continues for missing teen in Diyarbakır

Search continues for missing teen in Diyarbakır
DIYARBAKIR-Search continues for Yusuf Yılmaz, who disappeared after took the animals to graze in Silvan's Çatakköprü [Malabadi] neighborhood, district of Diyarbakır, in Turkiye.

On the notice, 2 search and rescue vehicles and 10 people search and rescue personnel was directed at the scene. The first day of the incident and the search work continued until late hours.

2 search and rescue vehicles, 1 unmanned aerial vehicle, 1 amphibious vehicle, 18 personals from AFAD, 4 UMKE personnel, 2 health personnel, 50 security guards and 6 persons Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department Headquarters Underwater Search and Rescue staff and gendarmerie teams participated to the search works.

In order to carry out the works in irrigation channels located in Silvan Çatakköprü more healthily, DSI [State Hydraulic Works] closed the dam flaps temporarily and stopped the flow of water.

It was reported that the search work has been concentrated on Çatakköprü and Başdeğirmen neighborhoods.


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